Ride with Curb at NRF

By Jenna MacPherson on | Uncategorized

Headed to NRF 2017?

Download Verifone’s Curb app to get around town!

Curb is the nation’s #1 taxi app. With Curb, you can request a ride from the largest network of cabs in NYC and, in minutes, a licensed, professional driver will pick you up. You can also book a ride up to 24 hours in advance. At the end of your trip, payment is seamless and automatic with your saved credit card or linked PayPal account.

Hailed a cab on the street? You can use Curb to pay for that ride, too!

Curb is free to download in the iTunes Store or Google Play Store.

Use promo code NRF2017 to get $10 off your first Curb ride!

Using a promo code:

  1. Register in the Curb app and add a credit card or link your PayPal account.
  2. Go to “Promos and Credits” under app settings.
  3. Enter your code in the field provided.
  4. Book a ride in the Curb app.
  5. Set your credit card or PayPal as your preferred payment method.
  6. Your promo credit will automatically apply to your ride total.

NRF2017 code is valid from 1/12/17 until 1/20/17.

Please note that promo codes and credits can only be redeemed on rides that are booked and paid for successfully through the app with a valid credit card. They cannot be redeemed using any other payment method. 

Credits cannot be used for rides that are hailed on the street and paid for using the Curb app.