Portland, Your New and Improved Ride is Here

By Jenna MacPherson on | Cities, News, Product | , , , , ,

Curb has been through a lot of changes recently. We’re on a roll, so expect the good things to keep coming.

We are excited to announce the launch of some serious upgrades to the Curb you already know and love. Here are the new features:

  • Faster pickups
  • Better GPS tracking
  • Effortless payment*
  • Call driver feature
  • Rider support

There are plenty of great ways to get out there and experience the new app as you navigate the beautiful Portland autumn. Grab a cab and spend the afternoon at Washington Park or catch a concert at Mississippi Studios and let us get you home. Count on Curb no matter where your fall plans take you!

Want to know more about the upgrades? Here are the details:

Faster pickups
We’re changing the way we assign your ride. With our new, state-of-the-art routing system we’re increasing reliability and decreasing your wait time.

Better GPS tracking
We’ve updated our map screens to give riders a real-time snapshot of nearby taxis. We have also improved our ETA feature with constant status updates, so you know exactly when your taxi will show.

Effortless payment
We want your wallet and your phone to stay in your pocket. Curb payment is now completely effortless in Portland. Just set and adjust your tip level in the app during your ride and roll out of your cab when you reach your destination. We’ll take care of the rest. *You must have a valid credit card on file and set as your payment method to take advantage of this feature.

Call driver feature
You can now call your driver in the app to make pickups easier. All calls are anonymized.

Rider support
When it comes to getting around Portland, Curb is your wingman. However, we realize issues and challenges don’t always end in the backseat. If you have a problem, email us at support@gocurb.com or tweet us @gocurb.

Help us help you! Enter a driver rating, leave a comment in the app, or email our team with any ride feedback or suggestions. If you have a great ride, we always love app reviews, too!