Ride for Free All Holiday Season!

By Jenna MacPherson on | Uncategorized | , , ,

The holidays are fast approaching, which usually means lots of travel (and lots of taxis).

Wouldn’t it be great if you could ride for free during the busy holiday season?

Refer new Curb riders and earn your own free rides!









Embrace the spirit of giving and share your referral code to give the gift of a free ride to someone new to Curb. When your friend takes his or her first ride using your referral code, you’ll get a free ride too (because it’s fun to give and receive)!

It’s easy to rack up free rides. Here are some perfect opportunities to share your code:

  • When your roommate is begging for a ride to the Black Friday sales at 4am
  • When your coworker had too much eggnog at the office holiday party and needs a safe ride home
  • When your sister needs a getaway car from Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws
  • When Dad is complaining about looking for mall parking during the holiday shopping rush

Share Curb and ride free all holiday season!