Verifone and Curb Want You to #RideYellow

By Jenna MacPherson on | Uncategorized | , ,

Recently, the Metropolitan Taxicab Board of Trade (MTBOT) launched a campaign to modernize the yellow taxi brand.

In support of the “Ride Yellow” campaign, Verifone Taxi Systems, which now operates Curb, donated space on more than 600 Taxi Tops in New York City to ensure the “Ride Yellow” advertising campaign is seen. They also provided free ad space on Taxi TV, guaranteeing the accompanying video ad will play in the backseats of 11,000+ taxis.

Verifone is committed to supporting the taxi industry – drivers and riders alike – and will continue to spread the word about Ride Yellow and its mission to revolutionize the taxi brand.

Join the effort! If you’re heading to New York City, be sure to #RideYellow and then tweet @gocurb to tell us about your experience!