Why Curb?

By Jenna MacPherson on | Team | , , , ,

Since we announced our new name, many of you, our riders, have asked the same question: Why Curb?

Great question!  Here’s the short answer: Our mission is to make your ride better and more accessible, from curb to curb. That means connecting you to safe, professional drivers, and it also means expanding our service beyond taxis (hence the departure of ‘taxi’ from our name).

As with all big decisions, that’s just one part of our story. If you’re still wondering “Why Curb?” here’s the long answer:

The curb is where you take your last step before you enter a car and begin your journey. We wanted our name to reflect that same feeling of moving forward and looking toward the future, while constantly improving along the way.

The curb also serves as the end point of a great trip with us. We are dedicated to giving you the best ride possible, no matter where you step off or on the curb. We hope our name will remind riders that they can count on us every single step of the way when they travel.

When we arrived at the name ‘Curb’ during one of countless brainstorming sessions, we thought we might be onto something. But, as any good customer-facing company knows, our own intuition wasn’t enough. From user surveys to focus groups, to in-depth rider interviews and intensive design and research efforts, we worked hard to understand if Curb expressed to our riders what it expressed to us: providing a great ride from beginning to end.

We’re proud of this time in our company’s history and we’re excited for where Curb will go in the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates and app news.

We are Curb and your ride is here.